set on the hawaiian island of maui, most would assume it's like a dream to live here. the weather is beautiful, almost like an everlasting summer, but what people don't realize is that in the city of kahului there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. everything is a competition, taken to the next level. whether it's the local teens and the boarding school kids, the university students or the locals, no one seems to be safe from the corruption, backstabbing and betrayal. things have begun to get out of hand and people are turning up hurt, or worse. revenge they say is best served cold, so watch your back. to all of the tourists that come to kahului, aloha, be leery of what lies in front of you and enjoy your stay.
03/05/14 ☆ we have added a new sub-plot to the site, a reality show. please check the memo board for information and sign ups
02/14/14 ☆ happy valentine's day! the luau (site event) is now open!
02/06/14 ☆ members, there is a site event sign up if you're interested in participating
01/24/14 ☆ welcome everyone, we are officially open!
01/20/14 ☆ we are getting closer to launching. hopefully only a few days left.
01/14/14 ☆ so we are currently under construction. please come back soon!
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3/23/14 - Taylor and I would like to thank those of you who joined Everlasting Summer. Sadly, we've decided to close the site down. While we thought the concept was good and the potential was there to be something epic with the reality show and the corruption, it just didn't take off and members didn't show any interest in plotting or threading with each other. We may relaunch with something fresh and new, so if you want to check back we will keep you updated. Good luck with rping. We hope you find what you're looking for!
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